Belinda Valesini, Katoomba Flight Centre – Chris Cheney

Not a huge celebrity but a local one. I met Chris Cheney from Aussie band The Living End. I had attended a music festival in Sydney and had been a massive fan of theirs for years! Without sounding like a stalker amongst my friends Chris Cheney is known as my music husband.

We had just seen the guys perform live so I was on a high from that, we then walked

past a gated off area and he happened to be standing there. I nervously approached him and he said he had to quickly speak to someone and he would be back. I waited around 20 minutes and decided that he wouldnt be back so my friend and I ducked to the ladies room and when we were heading back to our campsite and had to walk passed the fenced off area again and there he was waiting for me. He asked where I went because he came back and I wasnt there!

I got a photo with him and maybe giggled like a school girl. After meeting him and getting a photo I may or may not have skipped like an idiot