Jessica Jones, Royal Caribbean International – Harry Shum Jnr

It was NYE 2011 and my partner (William Kaafi from Creative Holidays) and I were in New York City for the NYE celebrations during the time we were in New York William was saying that if he could meet any celebrity in the world it would be Lea Michele (Rachel Berry from Glee) he is completely in love with her. This comment was prompted by the fact we ke

pt on seeing Billboards all over the city of her face as she was working for some animal cruelty foundation.
So it was the night of NYE 2011 and we decided to head to Central Park to view the free fireworks, we had watched the majority of the fireworks and then just before the fireworks had ended we were heading out of Central Park to beat the rush. This was when we bumped into Lea Michele and Harry Shum Jnr (Mike Chang from Glee) they were in Central Park also enjoying the fireworks with their families. We had a chat to them both lovely people and were interested to find out where we were from etc. We then asked them for a photo, Lea Michele declined as she was quite emotional beacuse it was NYE and she was with her family. However she volunteered to take a photo of us & Harry Shum Jnr which was awesome! I tried to even get a sneaky photo of her after we finished chatting (without much success). Without a doubt this was the highlight for William, it was the best thing that happened on our Month trip to the states and he still mentions it every time we watch Glee or sees Lea Michele!