Marika Forras, QBT Travel – Hugh Jackman

In 2004 I travelled 15500 miles across the United States and Canada, visiting every Major League Baseball park (30 in all) to see a game in each. Along the way we had special stopovers such as Graceland, New Orleans, Washington DC, Field of Dreams, Iowa and of course Broadway in NYC. Hugh Jackman was appearing in the Boy from Oz at that time and I had bought tickets to

his show before I left Australia and I had to meet him so I devised a plan to get backstage. With the gift of the gab and some lady luck on my side I ended up having a conversation with his assistant and he gained the impression that I had been part of the Beauty and the Beast cast in Melbourne and knew Hugh, now who was I to correct him…..15 mins later there I was rubbing shoulders back stage with Hugh and he greeted me with the words “Long time no see …you are looking well” …..needless to say….a priceless photo…..