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Rob Kirk sends Jack Black Broke!
In December 2011 at Skycity Casino in Auckland, Australian resident, New Zealand raised Scotsman Rob Kirk of HWT Chatswood showed his silky smooth Poker Skills to the well known Actor Jack Black and sends him quivering to his room the night before his performance for Tenacious D. (Foo Fighters Tour 2011)

Rob Kirk sent Jack Black to the rail with a well timed bluff before getting Jack Black to commit all of his chips holding AQ of hearts into his 2 black Aces. The flop was QK4 to give Jack Black a few outs before the turn and river bricked out (K2) to send Jack Black to his room.
Kirk admitted he did feel a little intimidated “He (Jack Black) was using his celebrity status and was talking a lot to make sure the fellow players folded to him, but I remembered what my poker hero (Brendan “Chickface” Edmonds) had secretly told me” ED – we tried to get Rob to reveal his secret but were unsuccessful.
Much to the fans delight, Tenacious D ultimately played the performance of their life. “I cant believe that I was completed owned at the poker table last night, I felt I had to make this performance special to say sorry to my fans who were on the rail in last nights tournament where I promised so much. Rob is an amazing poker player and I am going to seek lessons from his Poker Pro Coach Brendan. Rob deserves a trip to America after his performance and I am hoping he does win it so I can try and win back some creditability when he is there. I don’t like losing. In all fairness, I am happy to be second to Rob, congratulations to him” said Jack Black after being interviewed before boarding his flight to Queenstown.
Congratulations to Rob Kirk who eventually went on to win Event 3: $550 buy in event and take home a cool $25,650 and a nice ring at the prestigious Auckland Poker Champs.