CRUMBS! Friday Jan 23

COULD you be just six degrees
of separation away from the
delegate you sat next to at your
last conference?
It’s a theory Mercure is using
for its latest competition, which
aims to take a candidate from
anywhere in the world to meet
a member of the Bundjalung
people in Australia and prove
they’re six degrees of separation
away from each other.
The process starts on 20
Jan with those interested
uploading a one minute video of
First prize is a trip around the
world staying at Mercure hotels
over seven weeks.
While you’re at it, you could
play ‘Six Degrees of Kevin
Bacon’, which finds the shortest
path between any actor and the
toe-tapping Kevin Bacon.
The game has spawned a
mathematical formula and an
addition to Google which gives
you the degree of separation
when you search an actor’s
name with ‘Bacon Number’.
For instance, Walking Dead fan
favourite Norman Reedus has a
Bacon Number of two, having
starred in a film with John Ferus,
who appeared in Mystic River
with Kevin Bacon – go figure!