CRUMBS! Monday Feb 16

MANY venues held Valentine’s Day events over the weekend to celebrate the triumph of commercialism that is the 14 Feb, but we’re guessing nobody went with the weirdest gifts kindly listed by
These include Klingon Bloodwine for the Star Trek fan in your life, to help make the films slightly more bearable (BOOM) and chocolates in the form of a certain part of the human anatomy.
Our favourite has to be the various zoos offering to name repulsive creatures after your ex (or loved one, if you like that).
Bronx Zoo offered the opportunity to name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after your boo for the low, low price of US$10 and probably a break up, although the tag line does kind of sell it: “What has six legs, a surprisingly high tolerance for radiation and is bound to crawl into your loved one’s heart?”
San Francisco Zoo, on the other hand, allows spurned lovers to name its Giant Hairy Scorpion after the Devil Incarnate/One Who Got Away, for US$25, saying the creature “just like you-know-who” waits for a suitable victim to wander by, then stings them.