CRUMBS! Monday Feb 9

ALWAYS double check before
hitting the send button.
Romanian officials have been
forced to apologise for an email
invitation sent by the country’s
embassy in Paris, which
also unfortunately included
an attachment containing
unflattering descriptions of
some of the attendees.
The event was part of a visit
by new Romanian president
Klaus Iohannis to France, with
the attached spreadsheet
saying some of the proposed
guests were “undesirable” and
described at least one of them
as “ghastly”.
The foreign ministry hastily
issued a statement saying that
“annotations on the document
for internal use do not reflect
the opinion or assessment of
the Romanian embassy.
“The responsible person was
sanctioned,” the ministry said.
FUNCTIONS held at a new
hotel in Japan will hopefully run
like clockwork – because the
property is being mainly staffed
by robots.
To open at the Huis Ten Bosch
theme park outside Nagasaki in
the coming months, the Hen-na
Hotel (which translates roughly
as ‘strange hotel’) will feature
“female uniformed androids”
who will work at check-in, clean
the rooms and serve meals in
the hotel restaurant.
The hotel’s robotic workforce
will be complemented by ten
human staff members.
Because robots don’t get paid,
the hotel’s pricing comes in at
about a third of its competitors.