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The low down on tech in the events world

Presentation tips 101
The nature of the world we live in
today means that whilst the basics are
still fundamentally important, when
giving a presentation, it’s all about
what will take it to the next level to
leave your audiences truly inspired.
1. Delivery
We have various technology-based
solutions readily available to us to
help engage audiences in a relevant
way and encourage interaction. It is,
however, also very easy to congest
content with excessive information
and various technologies.
Superfluous wording in PowerPoint
slides, too many videos and even too
many combined technologies, can
lead to loss of audience attention
and failure in delivering the content
Simplicity is always best, so being
concise and maintaining fluidity
is essential for a productive and
impactful presentation:
• Use bullet points to minimise
• Reduce transitional and animation
• Spread video content throughout
your presentation, rather than just in
one section.
2. Creating conversation
It sounds like an oxymoron to
create conversation when presenting
involves delivering a one-way piece
of communication. However, a
great presentation engages the
audience and naturally encourages
Thanks to social media, you can
in fact facilitate conversation at the
same time as delivering a message.
Providing access to excellent content,
not only in your presentation, but
also online, enables audiences (both
physically present and virtually) to
share relevant points and materials.
A qualified AV technician can help
guide you on what technology you
should consider integrating into your
presentation. They can even make
helpful adjustments to ensure your
presentation is concise and technically
A well prepared presentation
that incorporates effective uses of
technology can lift your presentation
to leave a longer-lasting and more
impactful impression.
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